A fully developed sEO strategy is essential

To achieve consistent rankings on the search engine results page, it is necessary that your website is fully optimized. Topically relevant content that is aesthetically pleasing to visitors is essential for rank.

Here at Calescence we develop a fully customized SEO strategy for each individual client based on an initial website audit. Our team creates content your users and potential customers will love. Content is fully optimized to rank within the search engines. Organic search results start with user intent. Results are displayed with the most relevant first. We ensure that your business will be seen by the people who are searching for it.

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is how we describe any activity or process used to improve search engine rankings of a website.

The primary objective of Google, among other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo, is to return a list of results with links to websites they consider both authoritative and relevant. A website’s’ authority is designated mostly by the number, and quality, of links pointing to it from other websites. Relevancy of a website is determined first and foremost by the content of a website. Therefore, the on-page markup of that content helps a website describe to the search engines exactly what topic or topics should be considered relevant, and what to show up for on the search engine results page (SERP).

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Our SEO Services

Website Audit

We analyze your existing website and content checking for potential issues with existing markup on page and user experience of your site. This initial website audit is always free, and is designed to offer to you actionable steps you can take immediately to start improving your ranking.

Keyword Research

In order to uncover the best, most relevant keywords to incorporate into your content strategy, we start with our initial analysis of your website and take it a step further. Utilizing the most up to date research tools, we analyze the websites of your top competitors to uncover keywords you may not currently be leveraging. This data is then compared to current search trends to determine relevance and search volume.

Content Development

One of the most important website ranking factors is the content of your page. In order to ensure the topical relevance of your site, we create high quality, optimized content that speaks to your brand. A primary goal of your website should be to speak directly to, and connect with searchers who click over to your website, and our content creation team is here to ensure that.

On-Page Optimization

Quality, relevant content is only part of how search engine algorithms recognize and categorize your website. We utilize up to date best practices to speak directly to the search engines by telling them exactly what topic your website is most relevant to. Optimizing on-page elements of your content for your keywords is essential to describe what to show up for based on searcher intent.

Responsive Design

Recently search engine algorithms have been updated to place a higher importance on user experience (UX). One key component of this update is the focus on the responsiveness of a website, its ability to scale to fit varying screen sizes. With more and more people using their phones to conduct online searches, in order to rank it is now mandatory to have a mobile responsive website.

Link Building

One of the two main ranking factors of your website is its authority, as seen by the search engines. Authority comes from the number and quality of links from other websites pointing back to your site. We implement a diverse link building strategy intended to boost the authority of your website.

Local SEO

Since local SEO varies so much depending on the client, location, and local competition, we implement a customized strategy tailored around the specific needs and goals of each individual client. We ensure consistency, as per Google requirements, of the name, address, and phone number (NAP) associated with your business on all third party listings websites.

Map Pack

Showing up in one of the three coveted map pack positions on the results page can have a dramatic influence on your business. By ensuring a consistent NAP of your business across the web with all local listings websites, the chances of you winning one of the map pack positions at the top of the page becomes more likely.

Position Monitoring

We will monitor the position of your website on the results page for your main keywords. Monitoring these keyword position changes allows us to determine if our strategy is working, or if we need to make any adjustments. Keyword position monitoring can also show when your competitors may be implementing SEO strategies of their own. This is useful when determining a maintenance plan upon reaching a desired ranking position

Competitive Analysis

Analyzing and monitoring your closest competitors is an essential practice for any SEO campaign to be successful. We utilize the latest tools to monitor your competitors for their keyword rankings, site authority, and strategy changes that might in turn affect your ranking.

Search Analytics

Search analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Search Console are essential for monitoring activity on your website. These tools provide key insight into the behavior of your target audience, and allow us to optimize based on a data driven approach to best suit your ideal customer.


At the end of the day, SEO is really all about seeing results and a return on investment. We believe that communication is an essential component to success. Therefore, we are committed to providing consistent reporting based on the KPIs given to us by our clients. Using a data driven approach, we are able to constantly pivot and adjust tactics based on the ever changing landscape and specific requirements of our clients.

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